Child Support Agency

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The economic, political and social linkages between our Tribe and children are critical and ignored at the children’s peril. Recognize our Nation. Recognize our children.


The Agency will continue to present Child Support as support for Stockbridge children. We will establish, modify and enforce Child Support orders by helping parents support their child and we will encourage parents to be involved emotionally and financially in their child’s life. The Stockbridge-Munsee Community finds that the children of the Community are among the most valuable resources and their financial needs must be met to ensure their success in the future.



Alphia Creapeau

Director of Economic Support
Phone: (715) 793-4384
Email: alphia.creapeau

Gregg Duffek

Child Support Manager

Phone: (715) 793-4036
Email: gregg.duffek


Child Support Specialist
Phone: (715) 793-4038

Email: vacant

Heather Hoffman

Child Support Specialist
Phone: (715) 793-4043

Texting: (715) 393-8170
Email: heather.hoffman

Lisa Vele

Financial Specialist
Phone: (715) 793-4042

Texting: (715) 393-8171
Email: lisa.vele