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Many Trails Campground is open.

A permit is required and can be obtained at the Public Works Departments. Please call 715-793-4886 for information. Thank You.

The Tribal Financials for April 2015 are now posted at Tribal Headquarters, until July 20, 2015.

Currently posted for comment:

Chapter 25, the Gaming Ordinance
Chapter 26, Public Health and Safety Ordinance

 If you would like to review these items please contact the Tribal Council Secretary at 715-793-4387 or jerilyn.johnson@mohican-nsn.gov, and she will be happy to assist you..

Education Roof Bid Package

Casino Water Meter Vault RFB Notice

Maawekhlahtiit Eelaanapgoomwuyeengw Gathering

Child Support Carpeting Bid Package

Public Hearing IHP

SMC Competitive Construction Bid Policy

Tribal Safety Plan Bid Package

39th Annual Mohican Veterans Pow Wow


NOTICE: Ordinances Posted for Comments