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 Land & Enrollment: mary.miller@mohican-nsn.gov or joanna.casson@mohican-nsn.gov to send in a request

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The Tribal Financials for March 2015 are now posted at Tribal Headquarters.

Tribal Ordinances currently posted for comment:

Chapter 16, Public Peace and Good Order until May 8, 2015
Chapter 1, the Court Code until May 16, 2015
Chapter 5, the Civil Procedure Ordinance until May 16, 2015
Chapter 29, the Sovereign Immunity Ordinance until May 16, 2015
Chapter 68, the Exclusion Ordinance until June 19, 2015

 If you would like to review these items please contact the Tribal Council Secretary at 715-793-4387 or jerilyn.johnson@mohican-nsn.gov, and she will be happy to assist you

Water Quality Survery

2014 Consumer Confidence Report

Gyasi Ross @ the Reeve Union Theatre UW Oshkosh

Elderly Center: Stepping On Program

NOTICE: Ordinances Posted for Comments