Vincent Malone

Vint was one of 11 children. He had 4 sisters and 6 brothers. Vints sisters are Venny, Rett, Yvonne, and Violet. Vint’s brothers are Tim, Todd, Randy, Roger, Mart and Shelly. Up until Vint was 10 or 11 years old he did not have to do chores. Vint enjoyed the time before he reached the age where he had to do his share. Some of the chores Vint had while growing up were picking potatoes, cutting wood, picking blackberries and raspberries.

Vint remembers going hunting for deer and rabbit with his dad when he was younger. He also remembers coming home to his moms cooking, bacon powder biscuits, potatoes and what ever Vint and his dad brought back home from hunting. Vint’s mom was very religious and was very strict on the religion. Vint was confirmed at the Wilderness Church on the Stockbridge-Munsee reservation and he still has the picture taken of himself and all those confirmed that day.

Vints buddies while he was growing up were Milford Mohawk, George Mohawk, and Keith Welch. When they were younger they would play softball, they played sons against fathers. When he was a little bit younger Vint and his two younger brothers Shelly and Marty would go watch the shows down where the old school house use to be. The shows were usually cowboy movies. He remembers having to run all the way back because his younger brothers would get scared of the dark on the way home.

Vint attend school between Bowler and Red Springs. Vint also went to school on the reservation where Vicki Doxtator currently lives. Vint went to school there for fifth and sixth grade and then it shut down. He attended High school until his second year and then went on to trade school in St. Louis, for mechanics.

When Vint was 23 years old he was drafted in to the Army where he was a medic for two and a half years. Vint served in the army when President Kennedy was in office. "The Kilmin Crisis was going on then," said Vint. Out of 7 boys in Vint’s family, four of them joined the service at one time or another. When Vietnam began Vint’s brothers tried to get him to go back into the Army. Because you can’t have a lot of siblings in the Army at once Vint did not go.

After Vint was done serving his time in the Army him and his buddy Don Roski traveled for 3 or 4 months. Don was Vint’s buddy from the Army. Don was from Chicago, Illinois. They made their money by flipping burgers from town to town. "When it got cold you went to where it was warm," said Vint. Vint and Don went all the way from North Dakota to Texas but the one place Vint liked the most was Denver Colorado. Vint said, "If I was younger and could live any where else that’s where I would live".

Because there was not much work on the reservation when Vint got home he then moved to Milwaukee. Vint lived between his sister Yvonne’s house and his sister Rett’s house. One week he would stay with Yvonne the next week he stayed with Rett. Yvonne and Rett lived in the same home one lived in the front and the other lived in the back. Vint remembers his nephews Buttons, George, and Squirt trying to run away from their moms. His nephews jumped on a train and when they got caught Vint had to get at them. Although Vint never had any children he had his share of helping out with them. Vint shared a story about cutting his nephews hair Vint said " I had to pay them for cutting their hair," he said "I nicked their heads up".

When Vint lived in Milwaukee he worked at a box company and at Marine Carpet where he made carpets. When Vint moved back from Milwaukee he stayed with Ellen and Duane Schreiber for 7-8 years and worked in the woods. Today at 65 years old Vint is still working. He work 3rd shift at Mohican North Star Casino. Vint plans on working as long as he can. If Vint is not working he gets bored, he has to be doing something.

Along with working Vint also travels from casino to casino. Vint enjoys gambling, going out to eat at different restaurants, watching baseball, basketball and football. Vint also keeps in close touch with his brothers. Vint and his brothers are always helping one another out.