Sheldon Malone

Sheldon Leonard Malone is a tribal member of the Stockbridge-Munsee community and resides on the reservation with his wife.

Sheldon was born on in Tomah Wisconsin. The fifth of eleven children born to Arthur Malone and Cleo (Welch) Malone. At that time Tomah Hospital was the only place that would accept Native American patients.

Sheldon grew up on the reservation during his childhood years. Attending the Stockbridge Day School until third grade, moving on the next year to Bowler, where he attended up until the ninth grade. From there on he worked a variety of jobs.

The potato fields near Antigo were one of the many jobs he had. He worked as a logger on the reservation, cutting cedar poles and pealing logs. Also held a job cutting hay on a farm near Middle village. Helped his brother-in-law, Rodrick (Snooky) Pecore Sr. ride and break horses.

Sheldon married Joann May Huntington at the age of nineteen. He worked at Antigo Utilities Co. as a seasonal worker.

Their first child was born, which they named Sherri Lynn. The Sheldon Malone family moved to Milwaukee, where he found a job at Longview Fiber Company. During this time, two more children were born into the family, Steven Bentley and Scott Alan. There he worked on a shipping dock loading trucks. Sheldon worked for Longview Fiber for fourteen years. Later, he moved back home. Joann stayed in Milwaukee until the following summer, before joining her husband. There he worked security for the new, North Star Bingo. Later he worked maintenance for the casino. His arthritis made it difficult to work, so he retired from his position on June 14th of last year.

Sheldon had quadruple bi-pass surgery. He overcame that hurdle and is now on his way to a full recovery. He said he looks forward to swimming in the Red river this summer, a place that’s been familiar to him for over fifty years.