Ronelle Moehrke

Ronelle (Ronnie) Fellows Moehrke was born in San Francisco, California to Carroll and Margaret Fellows. She has an older sister, Peggy Hammer who lives in Oroville CA , a younger sister, Sister Theresa Linehan - (we call her "sister, sister") and a brother, Eugene Linehan.

Ronnie was raised in San Francisco. Ronnie attended many Catholic schools and graduated High School. Ronnie graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in Criminal Justice.

Memories of her childhood are always intermixed with the geography of San Francisco; fog rolling off the ocean every day around 3:pm; sounds of the ocean breakers; seals sunning themselves on the rocky cliffs; the merry-go-round at the beach; she told us she could almost smell the salty ocean water as she relayed her story.

Loneliness was a large part of her childhood because her mother would not "own" the fact that she was three-quarters Mohican Indian - so Ronnie, in a sense, had no grandparents, cousins, aunts or uncles although she had 15 siblings.

When Ronnie was 18, she was in the military for a short time. "I met my husband, got pregnant and got out!" Ronnie said. Ronnie married John Moehrke. They had three children: Butch, Sharon and Michael. Ronnie has eight grandchildren: Jennifer, Nikki, Carol, Sheila, Eric, Melissa, Ben, and Bobby and she also has seven great grand children: Isaac, Claire, Sydney, Hanna, Dustin, Katie and Cash. Today, Ronnie enjoys designing and creating.

An accomplishment that she is proud of is her website. She designed and created it  Ronnie is also glad she graduated from college - even though she didn't use her criminal justice degree because she realized her creativity was too insistent on being used in design.

With her website, Ronnie initially was as skeptical of astrology as the next left-brained person- certain that it ONLY appealed to someone suffering from the need to depend on other people to tell them about themselves and/or those persons not as intelligent. 

But after fourteen years of "talking therapy" and little or no relief from painful symptoms of clinical depression – Ronnie’s need for understanding became stronger than her Aries arrogance - she turned in desperation to Astrology. "I learned I was not "crazy" - but my spiritual lessons were difficult and needed attention. Questions about myself I was too embarrassed to ask - were answered. I became self-taught over the years - finding guidance in instructive astrology books that pointed to the spiritual path as the answer to the dilemmas posed in our dimension of dualities," said Ronnie.

In the last few years, Ronnie has found the passion and mission of her life with her study of astrology. Coupled with the knowledge that the "Art" inherent in the symbolism of astrology had been lost since the Renaissance and needed to be revived, she did as she was instructed, devising/inventing methods of presenting horoscopes dimensionally; hand painted with traditional colors and crafted as hangings.

" I want to offer these hangings as meditative/signature tools to others but realize there are many whose interest is not as focused as mine. For that reason I am offering beginning, intermediate and "transformed " versions of Astrala wall hangings and literature," said Ronnie.

Although, Ronnie has not traveled extensively, she has traveled to some places within the country. Ronnie currently lives in Florida now. Previously, Ronnie has lived for thirty years in Atlanta, GA, lived in Salt Lake City, UT for seven years and lived in Savannah, Georgia for two years. While living in Salt Lake, Ronnie received a lot of information about Mormon culture, which she found very interesting.

Advice for the youth includes when wondering where your life path takes you always remember to follow your heart. For some the path is clear - the rest of us need more pruning and shaping before our path opens up, but always believe you are special and God needs you to help Him make his world a better place because you were here.