Robert Jacobs

Robert Jacobs was born in Milwaukee WI, to Lawrence and Anna (Welch) Jacobs. Robert was raised in Milwaukee WI. He stated, "I’ve went to too many schools to list."

As a child one of his most enjoyable memories was the family reunion’s he went too. He said all of his family would get together and he had a chance to visit and see everyone. Robert stated that he enjoyed spending time with his family and it made him very happy, plus it was a lot of fun.

Robert is married to Diane (Wolske). He also has two children a son and a daughter. His daughter is Dawn M. Jacobs and his son is Patrick W. Jacobs, both of whom Robert loves very much. He also has two grandchildren, Ash Lyn and NataLee Gardner, both of which he enjoys spending time with. 

In his free time Robert enjoys woodcarving. He said that it's relaxing work and neat when he finishes his a carving. He enjoys doing many different types of carvings just so he is keeping busy. 

Another thing Robert enjoys doing is writing poetry. He said that he enjoys writing poems very much. He said that he started writing poems about five years ago. Currently Robert has written over 200 poems that he is very proud of. Robert enjoys writing poems for many different occasions and people. Just ask and he would be more than happy to write a poem for you. Robert has a website where he posts his poetry. The site has a link to request a poem or just email him. To read some of Roberts poetry visit his website at 

One of the things Robert is very proud of is serving his country. He was in the U.S. Air Force. Robert is very proud of serving his country and shows his colors with pride. Robert is also currently a Mohican Veteran. Robert participates in the pow-wows; dedications; ceremonies; and other various events the Veterans partake in. Robert enjoys traveling when he gets the chance. He has been to Texas, New York, California and Hawaii. He said that he enjoyed all of the different states he has been to very much.

Robert lesson for the youth is this, "Listen well to your elders and all of Mother Nature that speaks." He said that listening is the key for the youth of the community. Robert also said, "Never be ashamed of what you are for many generations came into being to make you what you are, that is the Great Spirits way."