Robert Eugene Graham

Robert Eugene Graham was born in Rockford, Illinois to Edward and Alpha Graham.  He had one sister, now deceased, named Edna. His three brothers are Edward, Richard and Donald. "I was in the army, and all of my brothers were also in the service. Ed, an Army Paratrooper, Richard in the Navy-23 years and Donald in Korea." Said Graham.

 Although he spent three years on the reservation in Tomah, Wisconsin, he was primarily raised in the Chicago area. Robert said he went to school in Chicago and his favorite part of school was the teachers.

He said that he and his first wife, Mary,  were married 37 years when she passed away. Robert and Mary lived in Chicago until 1947 when they moved to Cornell, Wisconsin where he worked in a paper mill and then started his own business, auto repair and Wards sales agency. The couple had three children; Tom who is now deceased, Harry, and Kathy. Tom and Harry were both in the service, Tom in the Air Force stationed in Africa and Harry in the Navy stationed in Japan. There are seven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Graham spoke avidly of his favorite pastime. "Archery was my sport. I got 31 deer for the table with bow and arrow. I was Wisconsin indoor and outdoor champion in field archery in 1953. I was fourth place, out of 1,000 archers entered, in the Nation at the tournament in Twin Cities, Minnesota," said Graham.

He said he moved to Florida and he met his second wife, Charlene. "We met square dancing. We danced together for three years and then married, said Graham. The couple now lives in Belleview, Florida.

Graham said his latest hobby is building and flying radio controlled model aircraft and instructing others in flying. He and Charlene enjoy traveling. "We’ve been to several states including, Alaska, Hawaii, and traveling in Canada," Graham said.

He said his words of wisdom for the young people of today would be, "Put every effort into being good and always be honest."