Ramona Granquist

Ramona Olive (Wilber)-Granquist in Red Springs, Wisconsin. Ramona’s parents are Ethel and Jed Wilber. Ramona has been married for 51 years to Robert Granquist sr. Ramona’s husband was in the Korean War serving, two times. She has 8 children 3 boys and 5 girls. Her boys are Robert Granquist jr., Ricky Granquist, and Randean Granquist. Ramona’s girls are Rhondalyn Kroening, Renee Russell, Rochelle Granquist, Roxanne Granquist, and Retha Granquist. From these eight children she has gained 21 grandchildren. And from some of those grand children she has gained 6 great-grand children with one coming in October or November. Ramona is very proud of all her children and her husband. "My husband has always been really good to me," said Ramona.

Ramona was raised in Morgan Siding for a while as she was growing up and then  moved to the current Stockbridge-Munsee reservation on what is now known as River Road. Ramona had very nice parents and this made her childhood enjoyable. Her mother was very religious and her dad was quiet musical. "Pretty much what ever you would give him he could play", said Ramona. Because Ramona was brought up in a home with so much music in it she learned how to sing. Ramona remembers singing for her own graduation. When Ramona’s first year of high school began they were doing "initiations" and then again Ramona had to sing. Ramona still attends church at the gospel Tabernacle in Morgan Siding.

Ramona raised her children between Norway, Michigan, Stockbridge-Munsee reservation and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When Ramona had her first son Robert "Bobby", she lived in Norway, Michigan and then moved to the reservation and later moved to Milwaukee. Ramona and her family lived in Milwaukee for 16 years and then moved back to the Stockbridge-Munsee reservation. Since 1970 Ramona and her husband have lived in their current home on the reservation.

Ramona attended grade school in Morgan Siding for two years and then two more years at Gresham High School. Because she moved to the Stockbridge-Munsee reservation she had to finish her last two years of high school at Bowler High School. Ramona also has 3 college credits. "I’m glad that I went to school as far as I did," said Ramona.

Throughout the years Ramona has had a variety of jobs from care taking to factory work and working in restaurants. Ramona worked for a very wealthy women who traveled a lot and while she was traveling Ramona stayed with the children. Ramona also worked as a receptionist when she lived in Milwaukee. While Ramona was living on the reservation she worked at the casino in the kitchen. "I liked working because you meet a lot of people," said Ramona. One of Ramona’s pleasant memories of working in the kitchen at the casino was when one of the two women who requested Ramona specifically to make their food would come in. One of the women was from Wausau and the other Shawano. "It made me feel good, a little special," said Ramona.

Now days Ramona and her husband enjoy traveling around. They just jump in the car and take rides. "We just go gallivanting around," said Ramona.