Ralph Welch

Ralph Welch was born to Elmer and Melinda Welch. Ralph was born in Red Springs where he grew up. Ralph’s father worked in the woods all of his life. He drove CAT and worked on the skidder. Ralph said that his mother was always at home raising the kids.

Ralph had a total of nine brothers and sisters; he said he is the oldest brother to date. He said his brothers and sisters along with himself attended Morgan school just like the rest of the kids around Red Springs and Morgan. Ralph said that he enjoyed school very much because he knew everyone. After he finished the eighth grade in Morgan he attended Gresham school. Ralph said school at Gresham was ok but he didn’t really know too many people, just the ones in his class.

As a youngster growing up Ralph said he enjoyed hunting and fishing a lot. Ralph also enjoyed going to the Orchard in Sturgeon Bay to pick cherries. He said that he would go up there with his Aunt Em and they went to pick cherries every summer. He said it was something a lot of people from around here did.

Ralph also enjoyed reading books by Zane Gray. He said it was about the only thing he could get his hands on but he enjoyed reading them very much. Ralph remembered how as a child that the old mill in Morgan still had the machinery around. He said he and other kids would play in there a lot. Ralph said they could spend the whole day playing in the old mill. He said he enjoyed playing at the mill very much.

One of Ralph’s favorite memories as a child besides picking cherries was when he could work in the woods with his father. He said he enjoyed working with his father and he learned a lot. After high school Ralph worked with his father for a while. He did the same thing as his father, drove CAT and worked on the skidder.

When Ralph moved to Milwaukee when he was about 20 he started work as a truck driver. He drove truck for CW Transport out of Milwaukee. Ralph worked for CW Transport for 37 years; he said he enjoyed his job very much. In the 37 years he was a truck driver he never had to go out of town over night. When he retired he moved to the Stockbridge-Munsee Community with his wife Dawn.

Ralph and Dawn (Hass) have been married for 50 years. They have seven children; Kathy, Linda, David, Gregg, Lisa, Bobbie Jo and Peggy. Before Dawn knew Ralph she was best friends with his sister. Ralph and Dawn really got to know each other when they were in high school. They were married at the church in Morgan and lived in Milwaukee most of their life. They moved to the Stockbridge-Munsee Community to retire in peace and quiet. Ralph and his wife have been here for 19 years, and they are enjoying every day of it.

Ralph was enlisted in the United States Army for two years. He said he was in the Army during the Korean War although he wasn’t in the battle directly. Ralph said that he enjoyed his two years in the US Army. And contrary to popular belief he said the Army was fun. Now Ralph is an active member of the Mohican Veterans. He has traveled twice to New York with them and to Milwaukee for Indian Summer Fest.

Now that Ralph is retired he enjoys the peace and quiet of country living. He and his wife also enjoy traveling very much. They have been on numerous cruises, to the Caribbean’s three times, Mexico, Alaska and to Germany. Ralph says they don’t travel too far from home now but they still enjoy the trips they are able to go on. Ralph keeps his daughters horse so they don’t like to travel too far.

They also use to enjoy canoeing very much. Ralph and his wife along with six other friends would take canoeing trips up north to Minnesota and Canada. Ralph said the trips were always a lot of fun. Ralph also said that they enjoy camping about once a year. They use to camp a lot more when they were younger.

Ralph enjoys reading books like he use to when he was younger. He said his favorite author is John Grisham. He also enjoys reading westerns. Ralph also enjoys a little hunting and fishing as well.

Ralph said a lesson for the youth would be to get an education. Although its like any other quote elders give education is very important. Ralph said there’s so much technology and computers that you need a good education. Ralph also said that education is very important to everyone especially the young people of the community.