Pauline  McCartan

Pauline Blanche McCartan was born  to Stephen and Thelma Putnam in Red Springs. She has eight siblings; Ramona, Betty, Beverly, Alice Marie, Judith, Joseph Alan, Virgie, and Beryl. "We had a very close family life and wonderful parents. I have a lot of happy memories," she said.

Pauline was raised in Bowler and attended the Indian school and Bowler and Sturgeon Bay schools where she liked commercial subjects and disliked math in High School.

As a child she enjoyed reading and playing games outside.

Pauline was married twice, she had two daughters, Kathryn Renee, and Jean Marie with her first husband and a son, Jay Alan, with her second husband, John, to whom she was married 40 years.

She met John when she and a girlfriend were walking down the street and they bumped into each other.

Pauline has eight grandchildren, Matthew, Benjamin, Alyssa, Daniel, Abby, Amy, Billy and David.

Pauline was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and retired in after working at Honeywell for 30 years. "I’m very fortunate to have the right medication which keeps it in control," she said. She indicated that she enjoyed her years at Honeywell where she performed a variety of duties. "Mainly, I watched for burglar alarms, holdups, etcetera and worked in alarm department. I was a recorder and I also had secretarial duties with lots of computer work," Pauline explained.

She traveled to Seattle and to the Bahamas. In her free time, Pauline likes to work out at the "Y" and volunteers at Goodwill. Pauline also likes to play the organ and guitar in her spare time.

"Like everyone says in their biographies, try and get an education, you can’t go far without it," Pauline said.