Olive Timmermann

Olive Timmermann was born  to Henrietta and Howard Brushel.

She was delivered at home by her grandmother, Tressie Quinney, and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with eight other siblings. Theresa (Pat), Conrad (Connie), Linda, Francine, Joseph, Price, Alan, and Howard (Rocky).

"I was a tomboy. I loved baseball, bike riding, and running around with neighborhood kids," said Timmermann. She said her mother inspired her to play sports. "Mom couldn’t hear, so she never really enjoyed music. It was sports all the way for her. She used to take me to the old Triple-A Brewer’s games. We had bucks season tickets. We are also avid Tennis fans," Olive explained. "Right now, tennis is over and we’re kind of in between seasons, so I’m catching up on my reading." Timmermann explained she’s loved to read since she was a child. "It’s almost a bad habit," she said

She went to Saint Joseph’s Catholic School through eighth grade and then to Mesmer High School. I graduated from High School. I didn’t go to college until I was 30. I majored in Accounting/Business (Certified Public Accountant CPA) and graduated from University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.

She did a 3-year stint in the US Air Force. "I was a photographer. I took photos out of airplanes and I have a photo, in the living room over there, of Kennedy," she said gesturing. "And I have photos of Nixon too. I’ve put my camera away now. It’s probably still got film in it. I just got tired of everyone wanting copies of this and copies of that," Olive said.

Olive told of the time she went to New York. "I remember, Mother and I went to see ‘My Fair Lady,’ we loved it." She said they also saw the Queen of England in her motorcade during that trip and went to museums. "We never went to a New York sporting event, but we would love to," she said.

She said her fondest memories are of being at Grandma’s house for Christmas and Thanksgiving. "There were always presents under the tree when we got back home from Grandma's," Timmermann recalled.

The advice Olive has for the youth in this community is, "Get the best education you can, it’s the doorway to a lifetime," Olive said.