Nathalee Kristiansen

Nathalee Ann (Bowman) Kristiansen was born in Shawano County to Clarence (Gobe) and Leona Bowman. She has one brother Quinton Creapeau and two sisters; Rhonda Bowman and Carolyn Miller. She was raised in Morgan Siding. As  a child she enjoyed visiting with the neighbor kids.

She went to school at Morgan Elementary, Gresham High School, Bryant and Stratton Business College and she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Green bay. She enjoyed school, although she did not enjoy getting up in front of her classmates and speaking! When Nathalee was asked about her most enjoyable memory as a child she replied, " My dad worked in Milwaukee all week and when he came home on the Friday nights he would always bring us a surprise."

Nathalee met her husband Leif who is from Norway. (Yes, she had to travel half way around the world to find a husband.) Nathalee has a daughter named Jolene Bowman. "I am very proud of my daughter, especially for her education, she just received her master’s degree in business." Nathalee commented. She also has a special daughter named Breeze Guthrie. "I am very proud of Breeze and she can sing very well." Nathalee said. Nathalee doesn’t have any grandchildren, just two cats and a dog.

Nathalee worked for 21 years at a paper mill in Kaukauna. "Now I am very honored to work at the Arvid E. Miller Library and Museum. I enjoy my job everyday. You don’t realize the things that you miss out on by not living and working in this community," she explained. "I enjoy working on the res and meeting new people and community members," she added. Nathalee has traveled to Norway several times to visit with her husband’s family. She said, "Norway is beautiful but is always nice to come back home." In her free time Nathalee enjoys going to casino’s and traveling with the elderly. In closing Nathalee had some advice to the youth Nathalee said, " It can never be stressed enough to get an education because that is something that no one can take away from you. You will have a better life for yourself and your family and I don’t mean money. You will be better equipped to handle life."