Lillian Bailey

My maiden name is Lillian Raasch. I was born in  Tomah, WI. to Walter and Margaret Raasch. In the early years of my life my parents lived around Shawano and they bought a home on Shawano Lake. During World War II my parents moved to Sturgeon Bay as many families did, to built ships in the shipyard. I attended my first grade in their school district. The first part of my second grade was at the Shawano Lake School, which was a one-room school. Our teacher was Mrs. Hall and she taught grades one through eight. My parents moved to the reservation and I attended the Reservation School. I think Mr. and Mrs. Ridgeway were the teachers there at that time, I attended that school until they consolidated with the Bowler Unified School District when I was going into 5th grade and was there until I graduated from high school.

Patrick Bailey and I married. We weren’t blessed with children but we have enough nieces and nephews to make up for it.

As a child my most memorable and enjoyable times were Thanksgiving Dinners and Christmas Eve celebrations at Mamases and Bosie Davids' house and Christmas Caroling with Uncle Arvid Miller and his horse and sleigh, complete with sleigh bells.

Now that I'm retired I love to get up and do the crossword puzzle in the daily paper and then read it cover to cover. During my working career, I wasn't able to do that. What a treat! I also like volunteering at the Senior Center and the Food Bank, watch sunsets over the ocean and continue church duties. 

My dear grandmother Eureka Davids taught me how to play the piano when I was a youngster, preparing me to be church organist when she could no longer do it. Well, with my wanderlust, when she could no longer be organist, I was living in California. Her lessons didn't go to waste though. I've been the organist in churches that I’ve been a member in and Choir director and have held various officers’ duties in the church. Another thing that I feel good about is my husband and I built our retirement home. We did everything but the foundation. It's in a little town called Gualala Ca., 114 miles north of San Francisco on the north coast. That was a great feat for us. We are now living in it and are happy we had insight to build it, for old folks. With my bout with cancer and radiation affecting my leg we built in a ramp which is a lifesaver.

As a youngster I would lay on the lawn in the summer and watch the sun go down. I had just enough geography to wonder where the sun was setting now. I wanted to follow the sun. One January when the temperature didn't get up to zero for a week I decided to follow the sun. I drove to California. I had to find a job and I kind of settled in. I've worked in downtown L.A., Edwards Air Force Base, U.S. Borax (20 Mule Team), and in Sacramento. Driving to California didn't satisfy my wander lust completely, still being young and carefree, I spent a vacation in Tahiti, Hong Kong, Acapulco and the Bahamas with trips in between, back to the reservation to see my family. Now I'm traveling only if it's comfortable.

As we were traveling, this time, back to the reservation, we saw a man wearing long johns and shorts. I told my husband, all he needs is a dishtowel around his neck and he'd look like my brother, Keith. When Keith was little that's the garb he had on and he'd jump from a chair trying to be Superman.

My advice for the youth is to remember all humans on earth are a child of God. You should treat them the way you would like to be treated, with respect, and remember you are responsible for your actions.