Leona Bowman

Leona Bowman is one of 16 children born to Louis and Mary Burr. She attended school at the Mission in Red Springs.

Growing up Leona remembers the good times of being part of a large family and the hard work that comes with being one of the oldest. Leona married Clarence (Gabe) Bowman and had 4 children, Quinton (Ringo), Nathalee, Rhonda and Carolyn.

She has 5 grandchildren, Terry (Moonie), Jolene, Richard, John and Elizabeth also 2 great-grandchildren Delores and Tyler. Leona also raised 3 foster children Lloyd, Bert, and Marty Frendenberg.

A young man named Ray Wallenhaup also lived at Leona’s until he joined the army.

Leona opened her home to family and friends when either needed help or were sick. Leona is also known for her potato soup and big homemade biscuits.

Leona remembers when for one year she had 13 children at her home. She lived and farmed most of her life in Morgan Siding but also held jobs outside of the home.

In her younger years she worked at the shipyard in Sturgeon Bay during the war. She was a driver for the S/M Tribe transporting the children to the dentist in Oconto Falls.

She worked in the Library Museum when she was on Green Thumb; she worked at the Ella Besaw being a weekend attendant.

Her last employment was at the North Star Casino working in the kitchen.

Now that Leona is retired she is involved in community activities, playing bingo, gambling, walking and she is a frequent visitor at the Ella Besaw Center.

This last Saturday,  Leona joined 100’s of people who walked for the March of Dimes in Green Bay. She was one of the oldest elders that walked.

She would like to thank everyone who sponsored her for such a good cause: the S/M Tribe, Dave Besaw, Bill Terrio, Marshall Giese, Bill Burr and her children.

Leona still helps family and friends in time of need. She now lives in her new house right across from the farm and enjoys having company come and visit.