Larry Moede

Larry Moede was born Red Springs to William and Olena Miller-Moede. Larry was raised with his brothers and sisters in Red Springs. Larry’s father was a logger in the winter and in the summer he hauled gravel. His mother was a factory seamstress and sewed for the neighbors.

Larry went to school at the Lutheran Mission for eight years. He also attended High School in Gresham but was not able to finish due the death of his father. After his father died he had to help make money for his family. His father was a truck driver and when he died Larry took over driving his father’s truck. Although he did not receive his high school diploma Larry is proud to say he received his G.E.D. two years ago.

When he was younger Larry enjoyed fishing and hunting. Also living in the country he enjoyed trapping and anything that had to do with the outdoors. Larry enjoys the outdoors and hunting very much.

One of Larry’s most memorable moments as a child was when he would ride along with his father to Kimberly. His father would haul a load of logs up there and he thought it was the coolest thing to do with his father. Larry also recalls when he went to California when he was 18. He said it was an exciting and worthwhile trip.

Larry’s brothers and sisters were William Moede, Guy (Took) Moede, Bert Moede, Jerry Moede, Harold Moede (deceased), Allen (Womp) Moede (deceased), Merle (Butch) Moede, Joyce Shultz (deceased), JoAnne Welk, and Ruth (Toot) Eggert. He is the only one of his brothers and sisters who goes by his real name.

In 1987 Larry traveled to Texas to work contract roofing for two years. Larry said it was hot on the roofs during the day but it was a memory worth saving. Also while in Texas Larry worked on oilrigs during the night for extra money.

Larry spent most of his life working construction around the reservation. Larry is also proud to say he spent fourteen years laying out water pipes with Dick Miller. He has also over seen the National Guard Rd. project. Larry said he is a hard worker and enjoys doing whatever job is thrown his way.

He did not join the military because he had too many brothers that joined before him, which prohibited him from enlisting. Currently Larry is a contractor, for house repair, for the elders of the Stockbridge area. 

Larry has four children Natalie (Tooters), Larry (Bud) Moede Jr, Gage Moede, and Cole Moede. He owns a horse named King and a lovely dog named Reese. Larry is proud of all of his children and loves them very much.

Now Larry enjoys peace and quiet and spending time with his kids. He enjoys soccer, volleyball and playing golf. One of Larry’s hobbies is building birdhouses, doghouses and sheds. Larry also enjoys visiting the elders and hearing about the old days. Larry would like to travel more but he said he don’t have the time.

Larry feels that he has lived a very exciting life and has raised two families and is very proud of them both. He also enjoys everyday of his life to the fullest extent.

Larry said that his lesson for the youth is to go as far as you can in school and never give up. Larry said that schooling is very important.