Kirby Welch

Kirby was born in Red Springs to Myron "Pudge" Welch and Lillian "Chemon" (Mohawk) Welch. For the first eight years of his life, Kirby was raised in Red Springs. Following these eight years, Kirby and his family relocated to the Stockbridge-Munsee Reservation where they lived for another eight years. When he turned 18, Kirby moved to Milwaukee. There, he worked for about seven years before returning back home to the reservation on a more permanent basis.

Some of the most enjoyable memories Kirby has from his childhood were times he spent with his father. Years ago, it was difficult to find jobs close to home.

Kirby attended the Lutheran Indian Mission School in Red Springs for two years. He also attended school in Gresham for one year, and attended school in Bowler. Kirby married Bonnie Terrio. Together, they had three children: Kirby Jr., Genna, and Martin. Kirby has one grandson, Isley James, who is 10 months old and 1 step-grandson, Jordan, who is three years old.

Because his father worked in Milwaukee, he was only able to come home on weekends. Kirby enjoyed spending time with his father so, an enjoyable memory for him was when his dad would take him back to Milwaukee with him for a visit.

Kirby has many accomplishments that he is proud of. After living in Milwaukee for seven years and coming back home to the reservation, Kirby has had the opportunity to work in various areas within the community. Kirby worked as a supervisor for the Summer Youth program, was a committee member of the Tribes first Law Enforcement committee, worked as a special deputy for Shawano County, worked as a EMS first responder in , worked at the Menominee Saw Mill as a Saw filer for eight years, a former utility board member and a Housing commissioner for the Mohican Housing Board. Kirby is currently an employee of the tribe.

Today, Kirby enjoys fishing, spending time with family and friends, participating in community events, and traveling when the opportunity arises. Some places Kirby has traveled to include: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Las Vegas, Illinois, and Michigan. Kirby enjoys traveling and he hopes to travel to more places in the near future. 

Kirby would like to encourage the youth to complete your education and take time to listen and value the knowledge of your elders.

A funny story that Kirby will never forget is when he lived in Milwaukee at the age of 16, Kirby and a friend used to walk down the street past this ladies house that had a wooden fence. Behind the fence was a big German Shepard dog that he and his friend would make mad. Knowing the dog couldn’t get out of the fence, they took sticks and ran them along side the fence as they walked. They would do this for many days on their way to the store. Until one day, when they were going along the fence with their sticks, they came to unexpected opening in the fence. Kirby went to the opening first and started to run very fast. His friend, who was also running fast behind Kirby, got caught by the seat of his pants by the dog. His friend, still running, dragged the dog about ten feet. Then, the dog owner came forward and called the dog off but not without laughing at them first and telling them this should teach them a lesson. Needless to say a hard lesson was learned and they never teased the dog again!