IlaJean Miller Pomeroy

IlaJean Miller Pomeroy was born to Robert L. Miller and Priscilla E. Tousey Miller. She has two brothers and two sisters. Robert Junior, and Sherman are her brothers and Valeme’ Elmergreen and Darlene Dworschak (deceased) are her sisters.

IlaJean says she was raised on the "rez" where she loved to play house in her own little world. She attended: Day-School on the reservation, Bowler, and also went to school in Sturgeon Bay. She said she liked school because she enjoyed learning.

She loved to design her playhouse in the woods and IlaJean’s most memorable moment growing up, other than playing house, was the phenomenal family picnics in the park that only her mom could do.

IlaJean married Earl Pomeroy. They met in a singles Sunday school group in Inglewood, California. They have three children; Robert, BonNette, and Jamie. Their children have given them five grandchildren so far, Parker, Claire, Buster, Matthew, and Ashley. IlaJean says her grandchildren are all GREAT!

IlaJean has lived in California, North Carolina, Michigan, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. She says Michigan is probably her favorite place because it is her home now.

Her greatest accomplishments are her three children. She is so proud of each of them and she loves to watch them act and react to whatever life throws at them.

IlaJean gives the following advice to the youth in our community, "learn to listen; you can learn a lot (without studying – whoa!)"

She says from the time she had been married for three months to now, they have had people staying in their house for a period of time. These people were hurting in many ways. IlaJean says they’d talk, laugh and cry a lot. But her whole purpose was to lead them to the Healer (God) and then sit back and watch Him work in their lives. She says "It is exhausting, exciting, and exhilarating. Can you imagine how many people have been in our home?" She further says, "to tell you the truth, I don’t even know. All I know is that it is and has been a blessing."

"And Young People, this is how God taught me how to listen. This is not the only way to learn to listen, but choose to do so now!" says IlaJean.