Howard Leonard (Rocky) Timmerman

Howard Leonard (Rocky) Timmermann was born to Henrietta and Howard Brushel.

He was delivered at home by his grandmother, Tressie Quinney, and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with eight other siblings. Theresa (Pat), Conrad (Connie), Linda, Francine, Joseph, Price, Alan, and Olive.

Howard said he fondly remembers getting a bow as a child. "I watched the man make it for me," he recalled. "I used to practice in my attic, and I had a friend who got a bow from the same man and we used to go over to Esterbrook Park where they had an archery range."

He also spoke of his fondness of the Milwaukee Public Museum. He said he and his siblings would go there often. "We would race to the exhibit of Quinney’s pipe. We had to see it right away. I remember it was in a glass display case," Howard said.

"We walked everywhere; we never used the streetcars, because we wanted to save our money to buy things. I remember we used to collect pop bottles (and it was difficult to find them – it was the depression you know) to turn them in for the deposit."

Howard taught high school History and German for 35 years. Now retired, he spends his time traveling and taking care of his mother and sister, Olive. "Family is so important, you have to be there for them. We have always been a close-knit family," Howard explained.

"I’ve been to Germany several times because I needed to learn the language and culture for my career. I went to school for language over there. I have many long-lasting friendships with people I’ve met while traveling. I wouldn’t say that I love to see new places or even travel. I really don’t like the "process" of traveling; you know getting there; I hate to fly; it’s the people I like to see," Howard said.

He said the thing he’s most proud of is his connection with his students. "I’m still in touch with some students," said Howard.

Howard said "Listen to your elders, and be there for them," is the advice he has for the youth in the community.