Glenn Davids

Glenn Davids was born in Red Springs near Big Lake. His parents are Elmer and Eureka Davids. He has 6 sisters and 2 brothers. Glen said he was pretty much raised around the reservation as well as Red Springs for a short time.

He attended High School then joined the United States Navy. He joined the Navy under the Meteorologist Program. Glenn said that he enjoyed the Navy very much. He was first stationed in Maryland then was shipped to China. He was only in China for a short period of time helping bring some Marines back to the United States. Once he returned from China he was shipped to Alaska. In Alaska he was a one man Meteorologist team. He enjoyed being in Alaska very much mostly because he could work by himself.

Glenn has been married to his wife Marcella for the last 54 years. Glenn said that he jokingly teases his wife about how they met from time to time. Glenn stated that he met his wife when she was first learning how to roller-skate. He noticed that she wasn’t very good as he skated by her, so he offered to loosen up her brand new skates she had on. He said back then a key would work to loosen up the wheels on skates and that was the problem with hers. He jokes saying that if his wife was a better skater they may have never met. But Glenn is very happy with his 54 years of marriage.

Glenn and Marcella have 8 children, 7 boys and one daughter. They also have about 19 grandchildren. Glenn said that he is very proud of all of his kids and grandchildren. He enjoys their company very much and loves each of them very much.

When Glenn was younger he enjoyed swimming in the summer when it was really hot outside. He enjoyed swimming at the park. In the winter he enjoyed ice-skating. As a boy Glenn also enjoyed hunting he liked to be out in the woods.

Now, in his spare time Glenn enjoys playing Bingo. He said that he has met a lot of people playing bingo. There are many different kinds of people who are at the bingo hall he said and he enjoys talking to them all. Glen also enjoyed gardening but since his family is all grown up and moved away he just plants a few tomato plants a year.

Glenn was a welder for 37 years for a company in Clintonville. He was part of a local welders union called Local 815. He enjoyed welding very much, and said it was good money. He has also worked in Milwaukee a few times welding.

When Glenn is not at Bingo he enjoys sitting around his home on the Stockbridge-Munsee Reservation with his cat Corky. Glenn said his lesson for the youth would be to study hard and get a good education.