Geratha Tousey Phillips

Geratha (Tousey) Phillips was born to Adelia and Phillip Tousey. Both of Geratha’s parents were musicians. She has 2 sisters and 7 brothers. Geratha was born in Shawano County but was brought up all over the United States. Geratha comes from a very unique and outgoing family. Geratha today has many good stories to share about her childhood and family. She is a sweet and caring woman.

Geratha had a variety of schooling. She attended school in Pelican Lake, the Mission school, Janesville, Milwaukee, and she also to a college course in Green Bay. Geratha has been married twice. Her first husband was Charles H Whitmore; she was married to him for 32 years until he passed on. Her second husband was Norbert Phillips whom she is now a widow too. Geratha also has one son and his name is Charles H. Whitmore.

Most of Geratha’s life she has been traveling. "I have been in practically in every state of the United States," said Geratha. "Except the little ones in the far east" said Geratha. Geratha’s family had a show. They traveled all over the United States too schools, church’s, and theaters in the winter time and in the summer time they traveled with carnivals, circus’s, and rodeo’s. The show was made up of funny little skits. Although the skits were very entertaining they were also very educational. In the show Geratha would dance and sing while her sisters and brothers would ride horse, wrestle, box, fill in as clowns and jig. Geratha said her brother was a better clown then the regular circus clown. Geratha and her family had several struggles just as most people did at that time but they still managed to stay close knit and smiles on everyone’s face. Geratha is still able to keep people smiling.

After Geratha had gotten older she decided she want to find a job. For the first four years Geratha worked in Milwaukee at Globe Union, which was a war plant. Geratha had many jobs she worked in a canning company, babysitting and cleaning. But Geratha’s first job was de-tassling corn. Geratha said, "The corn was tall and I was short". Geratha was paid forty-nine cents an hour during that job.

Today Geratha enjoys going for rides and thinking about the funny moment in her life. Geratha remembers one day when her son came home, who was in first grade at the time and told his mom I found a perfectly good dog, the only thing wrong with it is it’s dead, but it could be worse. Geratha remembers her family always having that kind of attitude "It could be worse". Geratha has seen many places and has met so many people. She has met Hank Williams, Gail Evans, and Buck Owens (just to name a few). Geratha even had the opportunity to work with Roy Rogers’s wife in her travels. Geratha is truly a genuine, kind-hearted women with lots to share.