Eunice Stick

Eunice Stick was born in Morgan Siding. Her mother is the late Alice Gardner. She lived in Morgan until she was 15 when she left home to try it on her own. Eunice said she lived in many different places including Neopit and Milwaukee. She moved around a lot until one Christmas  when she moved back to the reservation.

Eunice was married twice, the first time to the late Jamison Doxtator and the second to the late Howard Stick. Before moving into the Elderly Apartments where she now lives. Eunice lived on "A" with her husband Howard. Her comment on the apartments was that their too small for her, she doesn’t have enough room for all her stuff. But for the most part she doesn’t mind it.

Eunice has three sisters and two brothers. Her sisters include Annette (Ann) Brusow, Betty and the late Janette. Her sister Betty resides in Clintonville, and her sister Ann lives on the reservation in the elderly apartments. Eunice two brothers are, George Bruette and the late Felix Bruette. Eunice said that every once in a while when George has time he comes up and visits.

Eunice thinks one of the most important things is getting an education. While she was growing up she had a hard time getting her education. She didn’t like school too much so that didn’t help at all. She said as a kid she didn’t get much education if any at all. But once she knew that she needed an education she started to take night school. She said it was good for those who wanted to be there but all the same she did fine.

Eunice has had a big work history of cooking. It is one of her favorite things to do. And when she was living on her own that’s the biggest way she made her money was by cooking. She worked all over Milwaukee in different restaurants. She still likes to cook when she has free time and read the many cookbooks she owns.

Eunice has been working at the Library Museum for the last seven years and enjoys it very much. One of her favorite things is to be around people and she said she liked working with people very much. She said it’s going to be hard for her when she quits working because she likes being around people so much.

One of the most important things to Eunice is an education. She worked all her life to get and education and she knows how hard it is but yet how very important it is. She said, "One thing I would like to tell the youth is go to school! And get an education!"