Ed Moore

Edward James Moore was born  in Appleton, Wisconsin to Ralph D. Moore and Linda A. Moore.

Ed was raised most of his life in Appleton. He attended St. Paul Lutheran Grade School, Roosevelt Junior High School, and Appleton Senior High School. As a child, Ed remembers that when he was 10 years old, he was made aware of his Native American heritage. A neighbor boy said to Ed, "My dad says you are an Indian." Ed, not knowing otherwise, replied, "No I’m not." On returning home, Ed asked his mother if he was an Indian. She said, "Yes, you are." From that day on, Ed became somewhat of a braggart about the subject.

Memorable moments from Ed’s youth included spending weekends with his father, who divorced his mother shortly after Ed’s birth. Ed’s times with his father consisted of going to movies, visiting parks, camping and eating hot dogs & root beer or going to the Dairy Queen. Special times were vacations to South Dakota and seeing Mt. Rushmore and other local sights. According to Ed, his heritage must have had an influence on him because he and his childhood friends built wigwams from saplings tied together at the top.  They used brush to cover the sides of the wigwam.  Ed’s home was located at the top of a hillside, which provided a great play area.

Ed was able to donate a peace medal from President James Madison to Austin E. Quinney, Ed’s great, great grandfather. It was among his father’s estate. Ed also had many postcards from tribal members to relatives that his father kept. Ed felt these items belonged to the tribe for all to view and share in the memories.

Ed served in the U.S. Army from 1959 to 1961. Ed was trained at Fort Leonard Wood, MO in Basic/Combat Engineer. He also spent 6 months at Fort Rucker, Alabama and one year in Korea. Besides traveling in the military, Ed has traveled through 45 states and Canada as a truck owner and operator.

Ed married his present wife, Donna Harder in 1995 and has been married to her for 8 years and counting. Ed has one daughter, Brenda; a stepdaughter, Kelli R. Miller; and a stepson, Brent R. Beyer. Brenda passed away in 1979 from Reyes Syndrome. Ed has two grandsons: Kyle Komp and Ryan Miller, both sons to Kelli.

Now, Ed enjoys living on a waterway, boating, fishing, woodworking, playing guitar and spending time with his wife and their grandsons.

Accomplishments that Ed is proud of are that he is happy to have lived long enough to retire, proud of his Native American heritage, and to finally be an enrolled member. Advice he has for the youth is to be proud, stand tall, walk straight and be yourself.