Ann Doxtator

Ann Doxtator was born in Brothertown, WI to William and Ethel Doxtator. She has one sister and three brothers. Her sister Marcella Putnam lives in Bowler WI as well as Bill. Daniel lives in New Holstein WI. And Marvin lives in Brillion WI with his wife and Family. Ann has many nieces and nephews whom she loves very much.

Ann grew up in Calumet County in the community of Stockbridge and Hilbert. She attended Hilbert High School, which she graduated from. Ann said she liked school 50/50. She said there were things hard about it and easy. One thing she really enjoyed was anything to do with music. She enjoyed music classes very much.

Shortly after she graduated high school Ann moved to Minnesota. She lived there for twenty-five years. She said that she enjoyed the city life very much. While Ann lived in Minnesota she worked in an electronic manufacturing company for five years. For the rest of the time in Minnesota she worked as a Certified Nurses Assistant. Ann worked in various hospitals and nursing homes, which she enjoyed very much. After the twenty-five years in Minnesota Ann moved to Milwaukee. While in Milwaukee she worked in a Sanitarium as a nurse’s assistant for mental disoriented persons.

Ann decided to move to the "rez" with her mother. She worked for several years in Shawano and Wittenberg nursing care centers. While Ann was working in Shawano she suffered a heart attack while on the job. Shortly thereafter she retired from nursing. Although Ann didn’t want to retire because she enjoyed the work and was planning to work until she was 70 it was the best thing for her at the time.

"The greatest joy I have experienced was when I came to a personal relationship to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ in 1957. He is the joy of my life. I am so thankful for the Scriptures I have read and continue to read. Once verse comes that comes to mind is St. John 14:6 "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." Now I look forward to seeing Him one day because one day  I opened my heart to Him and He came in! "

Some things Ann enjoys are reading and she loves Christian music. Ann likes to sing gospel, play guitar and play at the piano and keyboard. She also enjoys going places and taking trips. The main thing Ann is trying to do in life is being retired. But being retired isn’t all that it is said to be she said. There are so many things she has to do and it’s not really that great she joked. Ann also enjoys going to visit her sister. She tries to get over to visit her sister as much as possible. 

"A lesson for the youth would be to respect your parents. You won’t regret it once they are gone it’s a comfort and its very important. Also keep your mind open to the words of the lord," Ann said as a lesson for the youth.