Allen Ninham

Allen R. Ninham was born to Morris and Colleen Ninham. He was raised in Red Springs and Shawano County his whole life. As a young boy growing up he enjoyed outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing.

Al went to school at the Mission School as well as Gresham Schools. Although school was not a favorite for Al he did enjoy meeting new people. One thing he really enjoyed about school was learning about the different countries.

Growing up Al enjoyed the entire out door activities young boys did. He especially liked to be outdoors and play sports. Any kind of sport from baseball to a game of football, or even an old fashioned made up games Al enjoyed playing outdoors. Running was a favorite of Al’s when he was younger as well. When he was about 21 Al started to bowl. After that he just couldn’t stop and enjoyed bowling ever since.

Busy with school and helping out around the house Al did find time to have a few jobs when he was younger. Although they cut into his playtime he enjoyed the work he did. Some of the jobs he had were working for local farmers and picking cherries during the summer.

When Al was younger he met his later to be Wife, Violet Nunway. He was set up on a blind date with her never to know five years later he would marry her and have been happily married for the last 36 years. They have three children together; Marvin, Vincent and Lynn along with four wonderful grandchildren.

Al enjoys the company of his children and grandchildren very much, when his children were growing up he enjoyed seeing the new things they learned and just being around them. He enjoys getting together on holidays when all of his children are there. He also enjoys cutting firewood with them. It is the same way with his grandchildren now he enjoys being in their company and loves them all very much.

Some of his past job have been a factory worker in Milwaukee, as well as a construction worker. His current job is with the Menominee Casino and Bingo as a License Private Detective Investigator. Al enjoys his job very much and enjoys working with people.

Al enjoys traveling; his favorite place he has traveled to has been Reno, Nevada. When he goes he enjoys the mountains so he tries to see them as much as he can.

Some of the things Al enjoys doing now is fishing, deer hunting, and turkey hunting, as well as bowling. Al is very proud of being recently inducted into the Shawano Bowling Hall of Fame.

Al is very proud of his accomplishment and thanks his wife and family for their support. Bowling has been a big part of his life since he started to bowl at the young age of 14. He use to practice when ever he could by bowling game after game. Al is very proud to be a bowler of the year three consecutive years in a row. He also was the Highest Average Bowler in the Shawano Men’s Bowling Association in 1988 and1989 with 216 and 223 bowling average. His stats also include 9- 300 games, 2 series of 800 or better, and he bowled over 120 games of 700 series.

As a lesson for the youth Al said not to let the fear of mistakes or failure stop you from doing what you want in life, just do your best.